Local food from regenerative farms. Delivered from our fields to your table. 

The Route from Farm to Table


The route our food takes from farm to table has lengthened dramatically over the last 100 years. From the days of large family gardens and chicken coops in every yard to today when most of the items in our fridges and pantry's comes from large multinational corporations, the path our food takes has become complex and vulnerable. 

Prairie Routes was created to offer an alternative to both the small and large outlets currently facing new challenges and threats related to the pandemic. Our goal in offering this line of food is to give customers the experience of connecting- in the best and most meaningful ways that we can right now- around what makes food good.

The team behind Prairie Routes does not just "farm" or "sell food". We took it upon ourselves to create great food products, curate as neighbours, and to grow a customer base. 

This is not the easy path, but it is the only one that works to restore the long-lost sense of connecting eaters to farmers and the natural environment we all depend on. 

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