At Prairie Routes we work with Farmers who are dedicated to regenerative agriculture practices and who care about what you eat.



Food Ethos Farm

Curtis Brown grew up on small family farm in Southwest Manitoba, where he helped his Dad raise cattle, chickens, and pigs, and grow mixed grains. After graduating from the Agroecology department at the University of Manitoba in 2012, where he focused on Organic farming practices and soil science, Curtis and his wife Ashley started farming near Coulter, Manitoba.  Curtis and Ashley sell chicken ,pork and beef that has been grassfed and free range raised.



Borderland Agriculture

Borderland Agriculture is owned and operated by Brooks and Jen White and their two young children. Located in the extreme southwestern corner of Manitoba at Lyleton and Pierson, Borderland is  a 5th generation family farm. Borderland is home to close to 600 Bison. The farm focuses on integrating bison production into a diverse cropping system which builds healthy soils and adds value to the operation.

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DeRuyck's Top of the Hill Farm

Dan and Fran DeRuyck have been farming at Top of the Hill Farm since 1993. Dan and Fran have always looked to provide good, healthy food not only for their own four children but also for the families who buy their products. 
Top of the Hill Farm currently raises Certified Organic Grass-fed cattle and grains following the strict rules set out by the Canadian Organic Standards which means the farm does not use any chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, hormones or antibiotics. Grains, flours and flakes produced on farm are processed right on site in a food grade facility.



Adagio Acres

Amy and Donald Nikkel farm with their young family near Lundar, Manitoba.  They are proud to farm organically, without chemical inputs. Their farm consists of small fields interspersed with marsh, forest, and natural grasslands, which enables biodiversity and healthy ecosystems to thrive.  The ancient variety of "naked" oats that they grow are minimally processed, which reduces the carbon footprint of your morning porridge.  They work with a network of organic farmers around Manitoba to reduce on-farm food loss, by cleaning and milling small batches of beans, lentils and pulse products that would otherwise be forgotten by conventional large scale food systems.

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Verde Juice

Verde Juice Bar isn’t just a juice bar, but a way of life. A hub for health, wellness, and positivity. Our goal was for a space where people can slow down their day, reconnect as a community and most importantly nourish their mind, body, and soul with healthy, delicious and organic options. We are committed to using the highest quality organic ingredients available, because your health deserves it, you deserve it.



Nature's Farm

Located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, our family farm has fertile prairie acreage and a small poultry operation. Our Nature’s Farm™ Smart Eggs™ go through stringent quality inspection at our egg–grading facility, and from there they are shipped directly to our pasta–making facility. The Nature’s Pasta™ manufaktur* is an efficient, modern, purpose–built facility where our family members, along with dedicated local employees, mix, produce, package, and ship out thousands of bags of fresh pasta every week.

* manufaktur – fr. Latin – small, artisan–style manufacturing operation…



Tamarack Farms

Nestled in the rolling hills and forests of Riding Mountain near Erickson, Manitoba, we raise a diverse range of plants and animals, including quinoa and other grains, pastured heritage pigs, native grasses and forbs, and hay for local cattle feed. Fitting our farming activities into the natural and biodiverse landscape is very important to us, so as to maintain local elk populations, aspen parkland forests, and beaver ponds and creeks. In 2017, one quarter of our farm gained certified organic status. Our quinoa and other grains are certified organic as of the fall of 2018.



Stony Hill Farm

Brenda and her three children live and work on their small farm near Birds Hill provincial park just outside of Winnipeg. They raise hens on pasture for eggs, and vegetables on gardens that were rotationally grazed in 2019. Stony Hill Farm also offers U-pick wild Saskatoons, camping and farm tours, all including visits with our 5 piglets who were rescued from a Manitoba weanling barn in April 2020.

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Colin, Dan and Ron are second and third generation farmers who have grown up on this land and are committed to its preservation, proudly numbering the prairies among the best places in the agricultural world. Farming, they are proud to say, is not simply a job, but a way of life, and one they are all too happy to share.

The core values behind our Three Farmers brand are; sustainability, traceability, innovation, promoting the land we farm on, and connecting farmers to consumers. We are a customer driven business that is focused on listening to our market and providing the highest quality in every product we develop.

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Sweet Prairie Greens is a year-round Microgreen Farm that offers Winnipeg and surrounding areas a variety of fresh and tasty greens, other varieties of produce and family friendly workshops. We specialize in Microgreens and other leafy greens in spring, summer and fall but offer customers so much more.

Our Vision: Working in harmony with our communities and the environment that directly support those communities. Becoming more self-sustainable and creating food security and safety in Winnipeg and other communities in Manitoba.


At Sweet Prairie Greens  we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love!

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